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Richard Francis
'Acid Songs' CS
Released by Dungeon Taxis, NZ/USA, 2012


"Things have been quiet - I think (I have to be careful otherwise I get another slap on the wrist) - for Richard Francis, erstwhile known as Eso Steel, but since a few years under his own guise. In the four pieces here, which are recorded at home and in concert from December 2010 to July 2011 he explores ‘electrical tone, sound texture and noise’ and according to the website he uses “oscillators, sine waves, spring reverb, eq filters, delay, noise, microphone, hands, paper, empty spaces, loop maker, computer”, which sounds like a lot. Hard to say I heard all of that, but I must say I think this is a great tape. To me it sounds like Francis is working with the sound of tape hiss mostly, re-recorded on cassettes into various de-generations of sound, which are fed through sharp equalization, with lots of high end sounds and some great deep end bass sound on the first track of the b-side. Now, this I thought was a great release: away from the pure microsound, moving into something a bit louder, even noiser at times, with a fine combination of field recordings and electronics. Excellent release."
Vital Weekly, The Netherlands, 2012