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Richard Francis
'Waste Away / Nun's Murmer'
lathe cut 7
Released on CMR, New Zealand, 2013

Liner notes:
"Recorded 6 & 7 August 2012 in Mt Eden. Edited and mixed January 2013. Equipment: modular synth, field recordings, computer, looper, edirol recorder. 33rpm."


"Edition of only 25 copies hand-cut lathe from radical New Zealand soundist Richard Francis: Francis has collaborated with Bruce Russell of The Dead C and his solo work is uniquely brain rearranging. Using field recordings, modular synth, computer, looper and edirol recorder he conjures huge, phantom, barely populated soundworlds that are compulsive in the kind of entropic gravity that they generate, situating low drones and what sounds like distant airplane noise in fields of static, shortwave tone and that classic dying amplifier/overheating electricity appeal of the best of the post Xpressway/Corpus Hermeticum drone artists. A beautiful piece of radical drone deconstruction that sounds perfect on hand-cut lathe. Plays at 33. Highly recommended but very short supply obviously!"
Volcanic Tongue, Scotland, 2013